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This is a very good commercial about courage, family and love. It really worth to see it!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are not so many applications which can make us move, learn and not just sitting in front of the television…. but Nintendo WII does! Because of its simplicity more ages likes to play with it which makes them more fit and healthy. Now the developers of Nintendo WII extends its use with a “game”. In a tricky way it persuade us to learn about life-saving and in the long run can cause several positive effects if people learn to use it well.

Source: MedIq

Biochemistry is a very intresting, rapidly developing and very very extensive subsubject. Unfortuniately because its complexity it is not easy to learn. But it gives us “all” the answers why, where, and what happens in our body. So with this knowlede we can understand better all the diseases and we can cure them more effectively.

Source: Cogito.blog.hu

kvizzzzKnowledge is power when it comes to managing and controlling your diabetes. Do you know as much as you need to about your numbers? There’s more than blood glucose and A1C at play here. Take the quiz and find out how well you know your numbers.

1,   Testing your fasting and/or before-meal blood glucose level is a good way to gauge overall glucose control. According to the American Diabetes Association, what is the target range for blood glucose levels fasting and before meals?

  • 70-130 mg/dl
  • 50-70 mg/dl
  • 135-160 mg/dl
  • more than 165 mg/dl

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